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The Food Story會員計劃條款與細則
The Food Story Membership Program General Terms & Conditions

甲、總則 / Part A: General Terms & Conditions

1.    總則的適用性 Applicability
1.1 「The Food Story」應用程式及網頁(“”, “”)的服務受其適用條款及細則約束,包括適時的《總則》、《「The Food Story」應用程式使用條款及細則》及《The Food Story會員計劃條款及細則》約束。The mobile application, “The Food Story”, and Website (“”, “”) are subject to its applicable Terms & Conditions, including the prevailing version of the “General Terms & Conditions”,  “The Food Story App Terms & Conditions” and “The Food Story Membership Program Terms & Conditions”.

1.2 若使用「The Food Story」應用程式及網頁(“”, “”)的服務即表示同意我們的適時的《總則》、《「The Food Story」應用程式使用條款及細則》及《The Food Story會員計劃條款及細則》。By using our App and Website (“”, “”), you accept and agree to be bound by the prevailing version of the “General Terms & Conditions”, “The Food Story App Terms & Conditions” and “The Food Story Membership Program Terms & Conditions”.

1.3 The Food Story保留更改此等條款之決定而無需事先通知。修改後的條款及細則將於應用程式及網頁(“”)上發布之日起生效。若您繼續使用我們的應用程序和我們的服務即表示您無條件接受修改後的條款和條件。The Food Story reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without providing any prior notification. The amended terms and conditions are effective from the date they are published on our App and Website (“”). Your continued access and use of our App and our services shall represent your unconditional acceptance of the modified terms and conditions. 

1.4 除非得到The Food Story授權人士的書面確認,否則任何附加條件均不適用。如The Food Story未行使其在本協議項下的一項或多項權利,均不應被視為放棄該等權利或任何其他權利。No additional conditions ought to be introduced by any purchaser shall be deemed applicable unless expressly accepted in writing by an authorized person of The Food Story. The failure of The Food Story to exercise one or more of its rights hereunder shall not be deemed a waiver of those or any other rights.

1.5 您須在使用我們的應用程式及網頁(“”)前,細閱讀這些條款及細則以及我們的隱私政策。如果您對使用 「The Food Story」應用程式有任何疑問,請聯繫我們。We request that you read these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy carefully before accessing or using our App, or purchasing any products on the App and Website (“”). If you have any questions in relation to browsing and shopping online with The Food Story, please contact us.

2.    資格 Eligibility
2.1 如欲使用我們的應用程式及網頁(“”),您須向我們提供您的個人詳細信息,包括但不限於您的姓名、郵政地址、電郵地址和/或所示的其他聯繫方式。我們將根據我們的私隱政策處理您提供給我們的訂單資訊和/或個人資料,而您須確認您提供給我們的所有資訊和/或詳情是真實、準確、最新和完整的。To use our App and Website (“”), you are required to provide us with your personal details, including but not limited to your name, postal address, e-mail address and/or other contact details as indicated. The information and/or personal details that you provide us shall be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy in the context of your order and you confirm that all information and/or details that you provide us are true, accurate, current and complete. 

2.2 此外,凡於我們的應用程式及網頁(“”)下訂單,您須確認您已年滿 18 歲並且在法律上有資格簽訂具有約束力的合約。 如果您未滿 18 歲,您只能在您的父母或監護人同意的情況下下訂單。Furthermore, by placing an order on our App and Website (“”), you confirm that you are over the age of 18 years and are legally eligible to enter binding contracts. If you are under 18 years of age, you may only place an order with the consent of your parent or guardian.

3.   商品資訊  Product Information
3.1 於應用程式及網頁(“”)上展示的所有商品資訊僅供參考,亦不具有合約效力。All material and information relating to products presented by The Food Story on the App and Website (“”) is intended to be used for informational purposes and for reference only. All material and information provided are not contractual. 

3.2 The Food Story就產品的描述、顏色、內容、定價、促銷或其他內容提供相關資訊和圖片展示,但其內容只供參考。The Food Story可隨時更正任何資訊錯誤、不准確或遺漏,並更改或更新資訊或取消訂單,恕不另行通知,包括在您提交訂單後。While The Food Story tries to provide an accurate description and display of the products, we do not warrant that the descriptions, colors, information, pricing, promotions, or other content available on the App and Website (“”)  is accurate, current, or free from error. The Food Story may correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions and to change or update information or cancel orders if any information on the App and Website (“”)  is inaccurate at any time without prior notice, including after you have submitted your order.

3.3 就一般情況下,於應用程式及網頁(“”)展示的商品均可供購買或換領,其貨存將如線上顯示並會定其更新;商品供應亦會根據實際情況更新狀態爲缺貨或下架。由於某些特殊商品屬供應數量有限,The Food Story保留以同等或更高價值的商品替換缺貨或已下架的商品的最終決定權。在應用程式及網頁(“”)上架的商品並不代表相關商品有足夠貨存供應。The catalogue lists all the products that generally are available from The Food Story. The availability of the product is as shown online and will be updated regularly. From time to time products may be out of stock or otherwise unavailable. Certain special gift items are available in limited quantities. The availability of the product should not be relied on as definite statements as to whether the product you wish to purchase are in stock. The Food Story reserves the right in the event of the unavailability of an item(s) to substitute an item(s) of equal or greater value with the consent of the customer.

4.    訂單 Order
4.1 您須按照線上購買步驟,方可於應用程式及網頁(“”)下訂單。在應用程式及網頁(“”)上將您希望購買的商品添加到您的購物車後,按“結賬”並向我們提供必要的詳細資訊以提交您的訂單。完成後,您將收到來自The Food Story的電郵,通知您我們已收到您的訂單(“訂單確認”)。  To place an order with us, you must follow the online purchasing procedure. Once you have added the products you wish to purchase to your bag on the App and Website (“”), click on “Checkout” and provide the necessary details (as indicated) to us to submit your order. Once you have done so, you will receive an email from The Food Story notifying you of our receipt of your order (“Order Confirmation”). Please note that this does not mean that your order has been accepted.

4.2 所有訂單均須經The Food Story接受,在特殊情況下如我們未能接受您的訂單,我們將通過電郵向您發送訂單拒絕確認(“拒絕確認”)以茲證明此訂單已被拒絕。 此合約受條款及細則以及我們的私隱政策約束。All orders are subject to acceptance by The Food Story, and under special circumstances we may decline your order by sending you an email that declines the item has been ordered (“Order Decline”). These terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy form a part of the Contract. 

4.3 一旦下訂單,將不接受取消或更改,即使您的訂單狀態仍有待接受或拒絕。 Once an order has been placed, cancellation or changes will not be accepted, even if our acceptance or rejection of your order is still pending.

4.4 The Food Story保留任可因商品貨存不足、客戶資料不完整、或任何其他合法原因而拒絕訂單的權利。The Food Story reserves the right to reject any order due to insufficient stock, incomplete customer information, or for any other lawful reason.

5.    定價及結賬 Price and Payment
5.1 於應用程式及網頁(“”)上顯示的商品價格均以除稅前港幣列示(如有),但並不包括任何適用的郵費或運費。在適用的情況下,The Food Story將收取郵費或運費,並會在結賬時計入訂單總額。Prices shown on the App and Website (“”)  are in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) before tax (if any), but do not include any applicable shipping or delivery fees. Shipping or delivery fees will be charged where applicable by The Food Story and will be included in the order total upon checkout.

5.2 我們致力確保我們的應用程式及網頁(“”)上顯示準確和最新的價格。 儘管我們將盡一切努力確保應用程式上的資訊正確無誤,但仍不能避免出現錯誤的可能。 如果我們發現您訂購的任何商品的資訊有誤,我們會盡快通知您,並讓您選擇以正確的價格確認您的訂單。如果The Food Story未能聯繫到您,您的訂單可能會被取消,您支付的金額將通過您使用的付款方式全額退還。 We will use all reasonable commercial endeavors to display accurate and up to date prices on our site. Although we make every effort to ensure that the information featured on the App and Website (“”)  are correct, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the information of any of the products that you have ordered, we will notify you as soon as possible and give you the option of confirming your order at the correct price. If The Food Story is unable to contact you, your order may be cancelled, and the amount paid by you will be refunded in full via the original payment method you used.

5.3 所有於應用程式及網頁(“”)上的訂單,我們均接受Visa, MasterCard, 支付寶,Payme及Apple Pay付款。信用卡付款須經過發卡機構的驗證和授權。 如果發行人不授權該次付款,The Food Story並不就任何延遲或未能交付負上責任,我們亦無法與您訂立任何合同。All purchases are subject to immediate payment using credit cards, PayMe, bank transfer, or cash on delivery (where applicable). We accept credit card payments made by Visa, MasterCard, Alipay, and Apple Pay.  Credit card payments are subject to verification and authorization by the card issuer. If the issuer does not authorize payment, The Food Story shall not be liable for any delay or failure to deliver, and we will be unable to conclude any Contract with you.

5.4 如果已經付款的訂單被我們取消,我們將透過您使用的付款方式退還該項款項。 您須同意並接受我們沒有義務就期望落差提供任何補償。If the order is cancelled by us and if you have already made any payment, we will make a refund on any sum deducted by us via the original payment method you used. You agree and accept that we will not be obliged to offer any compensation for disappointment suffered.

6.    運費 Delivery
6.1 於應用程式及網頁(“”)上訂購的商品及其派送服務 (如有) 只適用於香港特別行政區地區。The products displayed on the App and Website (“”) can be ordered and delivered (if required) within Hong Kong SAR only.

6.2 派送服務由第三方快遞處理。 您有責任在提交訂單前檢查所有派送資訊是否正確。 訂單一經提交,所有派送資訊,包括但不限於送貨地址,均不可更改。Delivery is being handled by way of third-party courier . You are responsible for checking if all shipping information is correct before submitting an order. Once the order is dispatched, all shipping information, including but not limited to shipping address, can not be altered.

6.3 派送您所訂購商品須視乎其供應情況而定,The Food Story將盡力按指明的訂購商品及發貨日期派送,如果沒有指明發貨日期,則會根據選擇派送方式時所顯示的預計的發貨日期。Subject to the availability of the products you have ordered, The Food Story will endeavor to deliver the order consisting of the product(s) listed in each Order Confirmationin question or, if no delivery date is specified, in the estimated time frame indicated when selecting the delivery method.

6.4 然而,派送服務有機會遇上延誤的情況,例如The Food Story 於優惠推廣、節日假期或不可預見的情況下收到大量訂單而影響派送安排。Nevertheless, you may occasionally experience delays in delivery for reasons such as a high volume of orders being received by The Food Story during sale periods, holidays, or the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances.

6.5 如果我們因任何原因無法如期履行派送服務,我們將另行通知您,讓您選擇訂單是否繼續並更新派送日期。快遞於任可情況下均不會於週末、銀行假期及八號或以上颱風警告信號或黑色暴雨警告生效時送貨。If we are unable to comply with the delivery date for any reason whatsoever, we will inform you and we will give you the option to continue with the purchase and establish a new delivery date. Please note that in any case, our couriers do not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays, or bank holidays, and, when typhoon warning signal No. 8 or above or black rainstorm warning is in force.

6.6 我們的派送服務目前不支援偏遠地區、離島或沒有電梯設施的樓宇。The Food Story 保留拒絕派送的權利。您須同意並接受於我們的指定取貨地點領取您訂購的商品,並且在任何情況下我們都不會接受取消訂單或退款。We currently do not make deliveries to remote areas and outer islands, and buildings without elevator facilities. We reserve the right to decline delivery at our sole discretion. You agree and accept that you will collect your ordered products from our designated pick-up location and under no circumstances will we accept cancellation of order or refund.

6.7 一旦您或您指定的第三方領取您訂購的商品,該訂單派發將被視爲「完成」。 To these Terms, a “delivery” shall be understood to have taken place or the order deemed “delivered” as soon as you or a third party indicated by you acquires physical possession of the products.

7.    退貨、換貨或退款 Returns, Exchanges or Refunds
7.1 除特別註明外,一旦下訂單,將不接受退貨或換貨或退款。Unless otherwise specified, once the order has been placed, no return or exchange or refund of order will be accepted.

7.2 The Food Story只接受商品退貨或退款若您訂購的商品有錯誤、缺陷或非人爲損壞,或者該商品不是您訂購的商品,或派送數量不正確,但前提是:Subject to the sole discretion of The Food Story, return and/or refund of an order may be considered if the product you ordered are faulty, defective or damaged (with no fault on your part), or the product is not what you ordered, or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity, provided that:- 

7.2.1. 商品必須未經開封、未經使用且保持出售時的原樣;the product is unopened, unused and in the condition originally sold together with all parts and accessories which are provided with the product;

7.2.2. 商品的包裝必須保持派送給您時的模樣; 及 the packaging of the product must be in the condition in which it was delivered to you; and,

7.2.3. 退貨或換貨請求須在商品派送給您後的五個工作天內以書面形式電郵至。a request for return or exchange is sent to our customer service representative in writing within five business days upon the product being delivered to you.

7.3 您須同意並接受The Food Story擁有絕對決定權是否接受退貨或換貨。You agree and accept that it will be at The Food Story’s sole discretion whether the product is accepted for return or exchange.

7.4 當The Food Story接受退貨、換貨或退款申請時,消費者和與之相關的任何持份者(包括買方或收到The Food Story的商品作爲禮物),須同意豁免任何附加的索賠,包括利息和其他付款。Where The Food Story accepts a return, exchange, or refund and by accepting such, the consumer and any other party involved therewith (including the purchaser, where the consumer has received the The Food Story products as a gift), agrees to waive any additional claims it may have, including for interest and other payments.

8.    所有權和風險轉移 Entitlement and Risk
8.1 在訂單派發完成後,或如果在The Food Story安排的派遞員送件後但您未能領取該商品的情況下,商品可能損壞或丟失的風險將轉移給買方。我們將不對商品丟失或損壞負責任何責任,該風險須由您完全承擔。Risk of damage to or loss of the products shall pass to you at the time of delivery, or, if you wrongfully fail to take delivery of the products, at the time when The Food Story has tendered delivery of the products. The order will then be held at your own risk and we will not be liable for the loss or damage.

8.2 儘管商品派發及風險移交受本條款約束, The Food Story以現金或付訖結算形式收到該商品的全數付款之款項,此前,The Food Story將持有該商品的擁有權。Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk in the products or any other terms in these Terms, the property in the products shall not pass to you until The Food Story has received in cash or cleared funds payment in full.

9.    嚴禁轉售 No Resale
9.1  所有商品,包括任何樣品或禮物,僅供您個人而非商業用途。您不得出售或轉售您從 The Food Story購買或以其他方式收到的任何商品。The products, including any samples or gifts, are for your personal and non-commercial use only. You may not sell or resell any products which you purchase or otherwise receive from The Food Story.

10. 適用法律 Governing Law
10.1  我們的所有交易均受香港特別行政區法律管轄。All our transactions shall be governed by the laws of the HONG KONG S.A.R.

乙、「The Food Story」應用程式使用條款及細則 / Part B: The Food Story App Terms & Conditions

1. 「「The Food Story」應用程式的服務 (包括透過此「The Food Story」應用程式所提供的服務) 是由本公司 The Food Story Hong Kong Limited 所提供。 “The Food Story” services, including those provided via this “The Food Story” App, are provided by us, The Food Story Hong Kong Limited. 

2. 此「The Food Story」應用程式是一個流動應用程式,讓您管理您的 The Food Story 會員計劃的帳戶。This “The Food Story” App is a mobile app which allows you to access your The Food Story membership account.

3. 必須下載 The Food Story 應用程式:To complete the membership registration, you are required to download “The Food Story” App: 
3.1.  現有會員,輸入已登記流動電話號碼,如首次登入,將會經手機訊息收到6位數字的驗證碼以作登入用途,輸入後即可啓動。If you are a current member, you are required to provide your local mobile number for first time login, you will receive a 6-digit verification code via SMS for activation.

3.2.  新登記用戶,輸入電郵地址及流動電話號碼,將會經手機訊息收到6位數字的驗證碼以作登記認證用途,按提交即可免費註冊成為會員。For newly joined members, you are required to provide your email address and local mobile number for registration, you will receive a 6-digit verification code via SMS for verification, registration complete after submission.

4. 當您下載或透過此「The Food Story」應用程式使用本服務時,您須為當中可能產生的任何流動數據費用或數據漫遊費用負上所有責任。You are responsible for any data charges and roaming charges, when used overseas, which may occur when downloading and using the Services via this “The Food Story '' App.

5. 本公司或會以推送通知為您提供服務資訊,該內容可能包含直接促銷資訊(包括但不限於The Food Story旗下餐廳的最新服務推廣)。您可自行於閣下的流動裝置的系統設定中更改相關設定,以隨時啟用或停用該等推送通知。假如您選擇停用推送通知,您將不會接收任何由本公司發出的服務通知及直接促銷資訊,或其他有關您會籍帳戶的重要通知。Our service information may be delivered as push notifications to your mobile device, the content of which may contain direct marketing materials, which may include but not limited to the latest service offers of the restaurants among The Food Story Group. You may activate or deactivate push notifications on your mobile device. If you deactivate the push notifications on your mobile device, you will not be receiving any service notice, direct marketing materials and any important notice related to your membership account from us.

6. 此「The Food Story」應用程式的某些功能 (例如訂購服務功能) 或會透過全球定位系統來存取您的位置資訊。您可隨時於您的流動裝置更改相關設定以啟用或停用該定位服務。Certain features on this “The Food Story” App, e.g. Ordering feature, may require access of your locational information via the Global Positioning System (GPS). You may activate or deactivate such location services by changing the relevant setting on your mobile device at any time. 

7. 每個會籍只能於一部手機內登入。Membership can only be activated on one mobile device at any given time.

8. 所有會籍適用於The Food Story旗下指定餐廳。Memberships are valid at designated restaurants among The Food Story Group.

8.1.   所有會籍不可轉讓或供他人使用,凡使用會員福利時,務請閣下登入The Food Story應用程式,並出示 Foodie 會員二維碼。Memberships are non-transferable, in order to enjoy the membership benefits, you are required to login “The Food Story” App and present your Foodie QR Code. 

9.  訂購服務只限外賣自取。Only available for takeaway (self pick-up).

10.1.   如需於不同時段、日期或分店提取訂購之外賣,必須分開獨立訂購及付款。Separate orders and payments are required if takeaway or delivery items are to be collected at different times, on different dates, or at different stores.

10.2.   只接受VISA卡、MASTER卡、支付寶、Payme及Apple Pay付款。Payment only accepts Visa card, Mastercard, Alipay, Payme or Apple Pay.

10.3.   完成訂購後,The Food Story會於閣下提供之信用卡扣除訂單全數金額。交易完成後,所訂購內容均不能更改或取消。恕不接受退款、退貨或退換。 Full payment will be deducted from the provided credit card during the online ordering. Confirmed order cannot be revised or cancelled after payment has been completed. All items sold are non-refundable, non-returnable, and non-exchangeable. 

10.4.   所有貨品之價值均以港幣計算,如因閣下之銀行、付款方式及/或貨幣引致任何費用,The Food Story一概不負責。All prices are listed in Hong Kong Dollars. In no event that The Food Story shall be responsible for any cost charged incurred to the customer due to any bank, payment method, and/or currency. 

10.5.  The Food Story有權在未經事前通知情況下隨時修改訂購的付款方式。The Food Story reserves the right to modify payment terms for any order without prior notice.

10.6.   取貨時,必須出示有效的訂單二維碼予分店職員核對。每張訂單之訂單二維碼只供取貨一次。所有取貨記錄以 The Food Story系統記錄為準。Customers must show a valid Order Confirmation to the staff for verification. Each Order Confirmation can be used once only. All records kept by The Food Story shall be deemed conclusive.

10.7.  閣下應妥善保管訂單確認,如任何人士向分店職員出示有效的訂單確認,將被視為獲得授權取貨。Customers must show a valid Order Confirmation to the staff for verification. Each Order Confirmation can be used once only. All records kept by The Food Story shall be deemed conclusive.

10.8.  若末能在指定取貨日期及時間內提取食物,將被當作自動放棄論,所繳付之金額一概不獲退還。If an order is not collected on the selected self pick-up date and time, the order will be deemed to have been cancelled, The Food Story will not refund any payment made for an order that has been fulfilled.

10.9.  於極端天氣,如8號或以上烈風或暴風信號或黑色暴雨信號縣掛時,分店營業或受影響,將未能如常安排取貨或如需要更改日期,請致電指定自取之分店了解情況。The Food Story保留絕對權利決定是否接受改期之要求。In case of Typhoon Signal 8 or above or the Black Rainstorm signals are hoisted, our restaurant operations might be affected, which cause the pick-up or dine-in service will not be able to serve as usual. Please contact the selected restaurants you ordered for takeaway / pre-order to enquire for details. The Food Story reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept the changes. 

11.  本應用程式需於穩定的網絡情況下才能正常連接,如使用不穩定或不可靠的網絡而無法使用,The Food Story不會承擔任何責任。Mobile Applications require a stable internet connection in order to operate properly. The Food Story takes no responsibility for the performance of its Mobile Application in the event of an unstable or otherwise unreliable internet connection. 

12.  此「The Food Story」應用程式提供本服務是依據「現況」及「現有」基礎提供,對於本服務的準確性、可靠性、安全性、時間性、特定目的之適用性或非侵權性,本公司一概不作任何明示或默示的保證。本公司不會因本服務所提供的資料有任何錯誤或遺漏而承擔任何責任,及對因使用或依據本服務的資料或不能使用本服務而引致的任何損失或損害,一概不承擔任何責任。您了解並同意使用本服務之風險由您自行承擔。The Services provideed via this “The Food Story” App are provided on an “as-is” and “as available” basis, without any express or implied warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, security, timeliness, fitness for particular purposes or non-infringement in relation to the Services. We will not be liable for any errors or omissions concerning any information provided by the Services, and will not accept any liability for any loss or damage arising from any use or reliance on the information delivered by the Services or inability to use the Services. You understand and agree to use the Services at your sole risk.

13. 本公司可於有給予或沒有給予事先通知的情況下隨時更改和刪減本服務或此「The Food Story」應用程式的任何功能或更改此等條款之決定,包括有關會員計劃及本應用程式任何相關的政策權力。如欲繼續使用「The Food Story」應用程式使用本服務,閣下務必接受本應用程式日後任何更改或更新。We may change or delete any features on the Services or this “The Food Story” App or any provisions of these Terms & Conditions at any time with or without prior notice, including membership program and any relevant policy related to this App. By continuing to use the Services via “The Food Story” App, you are deemed to have agreed to any changes to these Terms and Conditions of the App.

14.  有關會員計劃其他詳情,可參閱最新版本之The Food Story會員計劃條款及細則。For other details that apply to The Food Story membership program, please refer to the latest The Food Story Membership Program Terms & Conditions.

15. 如The Food Story有理由相信其任何會員 (1)違反這些條款、後續條款或政策(包括未來不時作出的修訂),或 (2)濫用/或不適當地使用會員權益,或 (3)違反適用法律條文,或 (4)對The Food Story或其任何客戶、員工和訪客造成傷害或損害(包括財務及聲譽), The Food Story有權自行決定立即暫停或終止該會員的會員資格,恕不另行通知且毋須作任何賠償。The Food Story保留最終決定權。If The Food Story reasonably believes that any of its members (1) breaches these Terms, subsequent Terms or Policies, including future amendments made from time to time, or (2) abuse and / or misuse the membership benefits, or (3) violates applicable laws, or (4) causes harm or damage, including financial and reputational, to The Food Story or any of its customers, staff and visitors, The Food Story is entitled to, of that member with immediate effect without further notice and without compensation. The decision of The Food Story shall be final.

16.  如有任何爭議,The Food Story將保留最終決定權。In the case of any dispute, the decision of The Food Story shall be final. 

丙、The Food Story會員計劃條款及細則 / Part C: The Food Story Membership Program Terms & Conditions

1. The Food Story會員計劃 The Food Story Membership Program
1.1   The Food Story會員計劃由The Food Story Hong Kong Limited (“The Food Story”) 管理及營運,並受本文所述條款及細則(「條款及細則」)管轄。The Food Story Membership Program is managed and operated by The Food Story Hong Kong Limited (“The Food Story”) and is governed by the Terms and Conditions set out herein (“Terms and Conditions”).

1.2   凡登記The Food Story會員計劃,即視為接受本條款及細則。The submission of an application for membership to The Food Story Membership Program is deemed to be an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.3   在成為The Food Story的會員後,會員應被視為同意本條款及細則並受本條款及細則約束。Upon becoming a member of The Food Story Membership Program, the member shall be deemed to have agreed to and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. 定義 Definitions
2.1   累積消費 Accumulated Spending           
指一名會員在本計劃下於The Food Story旗下商戶於指定日子期間消費所累積的淨支出額。Means the total amount of net spending amount at The Food Story Designated Merchants by a Member over the designated period, which is qualified for accumulation under the Programme. 

2.2  累積消費點數 Accumulated Spending Points

 指一名會員在本計劃下於The Food Story旗下商戶於過去365天消費所累積的淨支出額。Means the total amount of net spending amount at The Food Story Designated Merchants by a Member over the past 365 days, which is qualified for accumulation under the

2.3   福利 Benefit(s)
指The Food Story或任何第三方在本計劃下不時向The Food Story會員提供或擬提供的任何服務、折扣、福利、禮遇、促銷、優惠、特惠、獎勵或類似福利。 Means any services, discounts, benefits, privileges, promotions, offers, rewards or the like offered or to be offered to The Food Story Members under the Programme from time to time. 

2.4   積分 Points
指會員在計劃下獲The Food Story授予的積分。 Means the credit point granted to Members by The Food Story under the Programme. 

2.5   旗下餐廳 Designated Restaurants
指由The Food Story集團所經營之餐廳,包括但不限於品牌:日山、月山、松藝館、粵藝館、幸匠燒、山本屋、祥仔、幸福鳥、Huso及Sensu。 Means any restaurants or merchants that are operated under The Food Story, including but not limited to brands: HIYAMA, Gassan, Artisan de la Truffe, Art of Canton, Shiawase, Yamamotoya, Ricky’s Kitchen, Shiawase Yakitori, Huso and Sensu. 

2.6   會員卡 Membership Card
指向為享受福利的會員發放的電子會員卡。 Means an electronic Membership Card issued to a Member for enjoyment of the Benefits. 

2.7   香港 Hong Kong
指香港特別行政區。Means the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 

2.8   The Food Story
指The Food Story Hong Kong Limited,為一間在香港註冊成立的公司,其註冊辦事處位於香港九龍長沙灣長沙灣道932號興迅廣場29樓B2室。 Means The Food Story Hong Kong Limited, a company incorporated in Hong Kong with registered office at FLAT/RM B2, 29/F, GRANDION PLAZA, CHEUNG SHA WAN ROAD, CHEUNG SHA WAN, KLN. 

2.9   會員 Members
指The Food Story認為適合的條款及細則所規限,獲The Food Story接納為本計劃項下會員的人士,而「會籍」一詞應據此作出解釋。 Means a person admitted by The Food Story to be a Member under the Programme subject to such terms and conditions as The Food Story may think fit and the term “Membership” shall be construed accordingly. 

2.10   淨支出額 Net Spending Amount
指扣除所有透過以The Food Story電子或實體禮券、優惠及其他代金券與積分方式付款之金額後,直接向The Food Story支付的支出金額。 Means the direct spending amount payable to The Food Story after deduction of all payments by means of electronic/ physical gift vouchers, offers and other vouchers and credits. 

3. The Food Story 會籍 The Food Story Membership
3.1   有六類會籍,即The Food Story Foodie會員(「Foodie會員」);The Food Story Foodie Gold會員(「Foodie Gold會員」)及其他會員。There are six types of Membership, namely, The Food Story Foodie Member (“Foodie Member”); The Food Story Foodie Gold Member (“Foodie Gold Member”) and other members. 

3.2   凡年滿2歲或以上的個人,均可申請成為會員,唯18歲或以下人士必須在家長或監護人同意下方可申請The Food Story會員計劃。The Food Story Membership Program is open to individuals aged two or above. Minors (individuals aged under 18 years old) require the consent of a parent or legal guardian to join The Food Story Membership Program. Other Member Tiers can only be joined upon invitation only.

3.3   透過流動裝置的應用程式註冊 Foodie 會員帳戶,在應用程式内生成的二維碼將成為您的 Foodie 會員帳戶識別碼,即(「 Foodie 會員二維碼」)。Register your Foodie Member Account via the App on your mobile device, then the quick response (QR) code (“Foodie Membership QR Code”) generated in your user account on the App will act as your identification number for your Foodie Account.

3.4  您必須確認向我們提供的所有資料均為完整、準確及最新的資料。如您的個人資料有任何變動,請在Foodie會員應用程式(「應用程式」)更新個人資料,以便接收我們發出的任何訊息。為了保障消費者及我們的合作夥伴(定義如下)的利益,我們有權就任何原因決定接受或拒絕您的Foodie會員會籍申請,或以其他方式終止您的Foodie會員帳戶(定義如下),並將不會對您承擔任何責任。You confirm that all information provided by you to us is complete, accurate and up to date.  Please update any changes in your personal details via the Profile section in the Foodie Member App (“App”) so that you are able to receive any communications we send you. To protect the interests of consumers and our Partners (as defined below), we have the right to determine whether or not to accept or reject your application for Foodie Member membership or otherwise discontinue your Foodie Member Account (as defined below), for any reason and without any liability to you.

3.5   您的 Foodie 會員帳戶須與您的手機號碼連結。一個手機號碼只能連結一個 Foodie 會員帳戶。如您更改手機號碼,您必須透過應用程式更新帳戶資料。Your Foodie Member Account is linked to your mobile phone number. Only one Foodie Member Account can be linked to a mobile phone number. If you change your mobile phone number, you must update your account through the App. 

3.6  The Food Story會員計劃之會籍、會員卡及福利不可轉讓及轉移,並只能由獲授予或發放會籍、電子會員卡及福利的個人會員使用或享用。若會員不正當使用會籍或其福利,包括但不限於欺詐或不當行為,The Food Story有權隨時於止或暫停其會籍,或撤回有關優惠。The Membership, the Membership Card and the Benefits in The Food Story Membership Program are non-transferable and non-assignable and may only be used or enjoyed by that individual Member to whom the Membership, the e-Membership Card and the Benefits are granted or issued. Misuse of Membership Cards or Program Benefits, including, but not limited to, Fraud and Misconduct, may result in termination or suspension of Membership, or withdrawal of benefits.

3.7  Foodie會籍永久有效。會籍積分及等級分開計算 - 會籍積分有效期為消費日起計365天;會籍等級則根據過去365天之累積消費點數而維持,升級或降級。不論會籍的等級,每個人只可擁有一個會籍帳戶。Foodie Membership is valid for life; Points and Membership tier validity are determined separately - Points are valid for 365 days upon the day of transaction, while Membership tier maintain, upgrade or downgrade according to the Accumulated Spending points over the past 365 days. Each individual is only entitled to have one Membership account, regardless of the tier of Membership.

3.8  The Food Story擁有唯一及絕對權力批准會籍申請及授予相關會籍。The Food Story可拒絕批准或授予或終止任何會籍,而無需提供任何理由。Approval of application for Membership, grant or termination of the relevant membership shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of The Food Story. The Food Story may refuse to approve and grant any membership without giving any reason.

3.9  The Food Story可隨時審查會籍等級及特定會籍的資格標準,或根據The Food Story的決定向會員重新分配其他會籍,而毋須事先發出通知。The Food Story may at any time without prior notice review the Membership tiers, and the criteria for eligibility to a particular membership, or reassign a Member to another Membership as The Food Story may decide.

3.10  會員有責任保護其帳戶安全。若會員有意或無意間把 Foodie 會員二維碼外洩引致第三者登入會員帳戶進行交易及或享用福利,The Food Story概不承擔任何責任。Members are responsible for the security of their accounts and The Food Story shall not be liable in the event that a Member’s Membership QR code is disclosed, whether intentionally or not, so as to allow a third person access to the Member’s account to make transactions and/or enjoy rewards redemption and benefits.

4. 會籍等級 Membership Tier
4.1   Foodie會員 Foodie Member
4.1.1    在我們完成您的會員註冊並授予您會籍後,您便正式成為Foodie會員,獲得Foodie會員專享的獎賞禮遇,並於我們指定的任何時間內有效。如果Foodie會員未能在365天內滿足升級要求,會員等級將維持於Foodie等級。You will only become a Foodie Member and enjoy the benefits provided to Foodie Member, and, your Membership will be valid for any period specified by us, from time to time, after we complete your registration and grant you a membership. If a Foodie Member fails to fulfil the Accumulated Spending of the higher Membership tier over the past 365 days, the Membership tier shall remain at Foodie.

4.1.2    在註冊為Foodie會員之後,如Foodie會員在過去365天內於The Food Story旗下商戶累積消費達到更高會員級別的指定消費要求則會自動升級為Foodie Gold會員。Upon registration as a Foodie Member, if the Accumulated Spending in The Food Story Designated Merchants has reached the designated spending requirement of the higher Membership tier, his/her Membership will be upgraded to Foodie Gold Member automatically.

4.2   Foodie Gold會員 Foodie Gold Member
4.2.1    如果Foodie Gold會員於過去365天內維持其會員級別的指定累積消費點數要求,會員等級將維持。If a Foodie Gold Member fulfils the Accumulated Spending Points of its respective Membership tier, the Membership tier remains.

4.2.2   如果Foodie Gold會員未能於過去365天內維持其會員級別的指定累積消費點數要求,會員等級將降級至Foodie會員 。If a Foodie Gold Member fails to fulfil the Accumulated Spending requirement of its respective Membership tier within the past 365 days, Membership tier shall be downgraded to the Green Membership tier.

4.3   其他會員 Other Membership Tiers
4.3.1    其他會員為非公開並只接受邀請加入。Other Membership Tiers are by invitation only.

4.3.2  The Food Story可隨時審查其他會員的會籍有效期及重新分配其他會籍予會員,恕不事先發出通知。The Food Story may at any time without prior notice review the validity of one’s Membership and reassign any other Membership tier as The Food Story may decide. 

4.3.3   其福利須另參閱有關之條款及細則。Members shall refer to relevant Terms and Conditions for privilege details.

5. 積分 Points
5.1   所有會員須出示 Foodie 會員二維碼,方可賺取積分。All Members are required to present the Membership QR code in order to earn Points.

5.2   所有會員於The Food Story旗下商戶每消費$1港元,將會賺取1積分,以直接向The Food Story支付的淨支出額計算。The Food Story有權隨時調整積分賺取率,恕不事先發出通知。All Members are eligible to earn 1 Points for every HKD1 spending directly paid to The Food Story, based on the amount of net sales, at The Food Story Designated Merchants. The Food Story is entitled to adjust the Points conversion rate at any time without any prior notice. 

5.3   會員不可就同一交易為多個Foodie會員帳戶賺取積分。Multiple Foodie Member Account cannot be used to earn Points in relation to the same transaction. 

5.4   24人以上之帳單/消費或包場活動之消費不能夠賺取積分。Transactions / bills with more than 24 people or venue blocking events are not eligible for Points earning. 

5.5   若會員於結帳前忘記提供會員帳戶,可於7天內以會員應用程式掃描收據上之二維碼,該交易才可補回相關積分。如遺失收據,恕不補發。Points can be retrospectively claimed if Member scans the QR code printed on the receipt via Member App within 7 days after any transactions at The Food Story Designated Merchants. Receipts will not be reissued if lost. 

5.6   會員已賺取的積分將會賺取日起365天內有效,The Food Story保留權利縮短或延長會員的積分有效期,無論有否事先通知。Points earned will be subject to a validity period of 365days. The Food Story reserves the right to shorten or extend the expiry period of Points with or without notice to a Member. 

5.7   當您參與任何與 Foodie 會員相關的特別促銷活動時,您亦可能在基本積分以外獲得附加的積分(「附加積分」)。任何附加積分的發放將受附加的條款及細則所約束,該等條款及細則將在 The Food Story 的官方網站(及/或應用程式上發佈。On occasion you may also be entitled to earn additional Points on top of the Base Points as part of any special promotional offers related to Foodie Member (“Additional Points”). The issuance of any Additional Points will be subject to further terms and conditions, which will be posted on our official website ( and/or App. 

5.8   您所賺取的積分將於消費後24小時內記入您的 Foodie 會員帳戶。在某些情況下,您的 Foodie 會員積分結餘未必會立即更新,您可透過應用程式的掃描器上載您消費的單據,我們將會盡快更新有關積分。我們有權隨時修改合作夥伴或參與商戶的參與及數量、不在 The Food Story 範圍內的項目、基本積分或額外積分的數量。我們將於推廣電郵、網頁、及/或應用程式上發佈有關任何重大變更的通知。The Points you earn will be credited to your Foodie Member Account within 24-hour of your purchase. In some circumstances, there may be a delay in updating your Foodie Member Points balance, you may scan the receipt of corresponding expenditure via the scanner on our App, and we will endeavour to reflect the latest balance as soon as possible. We have the right to amend the number of Partners or Participating Outlets, who the Partners or Participating Outlets are, any excluded items, the Base Points or Bonus Points, at any time. We will post a notice regarding any major changes on our eDM, website and/or App.

5.9  如有退款,有關消費中而賺取的積分將從您的 Foodie 會員帳戶中扣除。In the event of a refund, your Points earned from the corresponding expenditure shall be deducted from your Foodie Member Account.

5.10  購買現金券、禮品卡或優惠券均不能賺取積分。Purchased cash vouchers, cards or coupons are not eligible to earn Points.

5.11   積分不能兌換現金或被購買或轉讓。Points cannot be exchanged for cash or be purchased and points are not transferable.

6. 全年會藉折扣優惠 Year-Round Membership Discount Offer

6.1   會藉折扣只限該檯及交易使用。Membership Discount is only valid for use at one table.

6.2  會籍折扣不適用於加一服務費。須繳付以原價計算之加一服務費。Membership Discount does not apply to the 10% service charge, the 10% service charge applies based on original price.

6.3 會藉折扣不適用於外賣、零售產品、節目限定餐牌、特別活動餐牌、會員價套餐、工作坊、包場活動及宴會。Membership Discount does not apply to takeaway, merchandising, festive limited menu, special menu, member price menu, workshops, events and banquets.

6.4  會籍折扣優惠不適用於山本屋。Membership Discount does not apply to Yamamotoya.

6.5  除特別註明外,會藉折扣不可與任何宣傳或其他優惠活動同時使用。 Unless otherwise specified, Membership Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

7. 積分兌換獎賞及福利 Reward Redemption and Benefits
7.1   所有會員須出示 Foodie 會員二維碼,方可以積分兌換獎賞及/或享用會員福利。All Members are required to present the Membership QR code in order to redeem Rewards and/or benefits. 

7.2   所有獎賞均視乎供應情況而定,額滿即止(如適用)。All rewards are offered subject to availability and are offered only while stocks last (if applicable). 

7.3   獎賞以先到先得方式提供。Rewards are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

7.4   具體條款及條件可能適用於每項獎賞及福利。Specific terms and conditions may apply to each reward and Benefits. 

7.5   您可以使用您的 Foodie 會員帳戶內的積分來兌換我們提供的會員獎賞。兌換每項獎賞所需的積分數量將由我們不時指定。您可以透過我們的應用程式查看每項獎賞所需的積分。You can use the Points credited to your Foodie Member Account in order to redeem Rewards offered by us in relation to Foodie Members. The number of Points needed to redeem each Reward will be specified by us, from time to time. You can see the Points required for each available Reward via our App. 

7.6   您必須下載應用程式及登入您的 Foodie 會員帳戶,或根據店內的註冊程序,按照確認短訊内的指示回覆完成註冊,方可兌換獎賞。 In order to redeem rewards, you must download the App and login to your Foodie Member Account to it, or complete the registration by responding to the confirmation SMS we sent you during the in-store registration process.

7.7   我們將決定您兌換、使用、領取或寄送獎賞的方式。一般而言,您可以透過我們的應用程式兌換獎賞,亦可以透過二維碼直接於商戶或獎賞合作夥伴使用獎賞,有關獎賞可在我們指定的餐廳領取,或發送至您要求的收貨地址。每項獎賞均有具體條款及細則,當中詳載各種享受所選擇獎賞的方式。部分的獎賞亦可在我們不時指定的相關參與商店兌換,惟必須使用我們的應用程式以享有我們專門為 Foodie 會員提供的全方位的獎賞及其他禮遇。We will determine how you can redeem a Reward, and how a Reward will be used, collected or delivered. In general, a Reward can usually be redeemed via our App and can either be used directly with a Merchant or a Reward Partner by using the QR code, collected at one of our specified collection points, or delivered to your requested delivery address. The different ways to enjoy your chosen Reward will be detailed in the specific terms and conditions for each particular Reward. Certain Rewards can also be redeemed at relevant Participating Outlets, as may be specified by us from time to time. You must use our App to enjoy the full range of Rewards and other options that we exclusively offer to Foodie Members. 

7.8   任何獎賞的兌換,包括獎賞的使用、交付或領取,將會受附加的條款及細則約束,而該等條款及細則將在我們應用程式上發佈,或在您兌換獎賞前通知您。The redemption of Rewards, including the usage, delivery or collection of any Rewards, will be subject to additional terms and conditions, which will be posted on our App, or notified to you prior to your redemption of the Reward.

7.9   您在 Foodie 會員帳戶上可兌換的獎賞應由我們全權酌情規定、修訂、提供、給予或/及終止,且我們不必向您承擔任何責任。 The Rewards that can be redeemed by you in relation to your Foodie Member Account shall be prescribed, amended, provided, offered or terminated, from time to time, at our sole discretion, without any liability to you.

7.10   積分一經兌換將不能退換,逾期無效。Once you have spent your Points to redeem a Reward, you cannot return or exchange. The Reward shall be invalid after the expiry date.

7.11   獎賞不能兌換成現金。Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash.

7.12   在您已同意我們的私隱政策(的規限下,我們可以使用您的個人資料為您提供與 Foodie 會員帳戶、累積積分及/或獎賞相關的特定專屬優惠及促銷活動,並透過電郵、短訊、應用程式推送提示等通訊方式直接向您發送您的個人化優惠。 Subject to your consent obtained in accordance with our Privacy Policy (, we can use your personal data to provide you with tailored and personalised offers and promotions in relation to your Foodie Member Account, the accumulation of Points and/or the Rewards and to send Your Personalised Offers directly to you via communication channel, including but not limited to email, SMS, app push notification etc.

7.13   您的個人化優惠將受附加條款及細則所約束,該等條款及細則將在我們的應用程式上發佈,或以其他方式通知您。Your Personalised Offers will be subject to additional terms and conditions, which will be posted on our App, or otherwise notified to you.

8. 轉贈獎賞及福利 Transfer Reward Redemption and Benefits
8.1  您可將您的 Foodie 會員帳戶內的優惠券(如適用)轉贈予他人,或接收自另一 Foodie 會員的帳戶。如您與第三方分享您的個人化優惠,不論該項優惠有否被對方(“承轉人”)使用,您將無法再使用該項優惠。您與任何承轉人之間或您與任何轉贈人之間如因該等即時折扣優惠而產生任何爭議,The Food Story 一概不承擔任何責任,惟倘若 The Food Story 系統技術故障導致該等轉帳出現錯誤則除外。在該情況下,您應即時 The Food Story 聯絡。If necessary, you may transfer rewards stored on your Foodie Member Account to others, or receive transfer of rewards from another Foodie Member Account. If you do share Your Personalised Offer with another party, once it is used by such party it will no longer be available for your use. The Food Story accepts no responsibility for any dispute arising from such instant discount transfers between you and any transferee, or between you and any transferor, save for technical malfunctions of The Food Story System which caused errors in such transfers, in which case, you should contact The Food Story immediately.

8.2  所有優惠券只限會員方可使用,並受有關條款及細則約束。To certain circumstances, allRewards shall be eligible to Foodie Members only and are subject to respective Terms & Conditions.

8.3  您須負責並確保已輸入正確資料,以進行任何優惠轉贈。You are solely responsible for ensuring that you have entered the correct information for conducting any rewards transfer.

8.4   您如因輸入不正確承轉人資料以至錯誤轉贈優惠予承轉人而蒙受任何損失,The Food Story 一概不負上法律責任。The Food Story will not be held liable for any loss suffered by you transfer to the wrong transferee due to incorrect input by you of the transferee information. 

8.5   您或任何第三方轉帳人如因輸入不正確承轉人資料而蒙受任何損失,The Food Story 一概不負責,亦不會負上法律責任。  The Food Story is not responsible for, and will not be held liable for, any loss suffered by you or any third party transferor due to incorrect input by you or a third party transferor of the transferee information. 

8.6  The Food Story 並無責任查詢或核實您或任何第三方轉贈人指示的任何優惠是否有效或合法。The Food Story has no duty to enquire or verify the validity or the legality of any rewards transfer as instructed by you or any third party transferor.

9. The Food Story會員生日禮遇 The Food Story Members Birthday Reward
9.1  每位會員每年只可享生日禮遇一次。Each member can only enjoy the birthday reward once per year. 

9.2  生日禮遇只限會員本人享有,不可轉讓予他人。餐廳職員有權要求會員出示其有效身份證明文件核對生日月份以享用此優惠券。The birthday reward can only be enjoyed by the designated member and cannot be transferred. The eligible members are required to present their valid identification card for verifying the birthday information.

9.3   如會員就生日日期作出任何改動,於12個月內系統將不會就該改動而推送生日禮遇至會員帳戶。有關生日禮遇受有關條款及細則約束。Any change of Member’s Birthday system will not push a birthday reward to the Foodie Member Account accordingly within 12 months and are subject to respective Terms & Conditions. 

10. 終止或暫停會籍 Termination or Suspension of Membership
10.1   如果會員違反本條款及細則,The Food Story有權立即終止或暫停會員的會籍。此外,The Food Story保留權利,隨時自行決定立即終止或暫停任何會員的會籍,而無需提供任何理由或補償。The Food Story在任何情況下均不對任何一方因此造成的任何損失或損害負責。The Food Story is entitled to forthwith terminate or suspend the membership of any Member in case the Member breaches any of these Terms and Conditions or does not follow the instruction of The Food Story. In addition, The Food Story reserves the right to forthwith terminate or suspend the membership of any Member at any time at the sole discretion of The Food Story without any reasons or compensation. The Food Story shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting therefrom by any party in any event.  

10.2   The Food Story有權在會員因任何原因被終止會籍後立即取消會員的所有未使用積分,而不給予任何補償。The Food Story is entitled to cancel all unused Points of a Member forthwith upon termination of its Membership for whatsoever reasons without any compensation.

10.3   在會員死亡後,其會員帳戶將被關閉,所有未使用的積分(如有)將被The Food Story取消,且不作任何補償。Upon death of a Member, his/her membership account shall be closed and all unused Points (if any) shall be cancelled by The Food Story without any compensation.

10.4   如您在更改手機號碼後沒有及時更新 Foodie 會員帳戶資料,您的帳戶可能有被第三方取用的風險,而您的 Foodie 會員積分亦可能會被其他使用該手機號碼的人兌換。在不影響上述規定的情況下,如我們在合理情況下相信您的手機號碼已轉讓給第三方或您的手機號碼已停用,我們則有權取消與此手機號碼連結的 Foodie 會員帳戶(恕不另行通知),並為此手機號碼新的持有人創建另一個 Foodie 會員帳戶。根據上述規定取消您的 Foodie 會員的帳戶後,所有累積積分將會作廢。如想重新加入 Foodie 會員,您需要使用新的手機號碼申請新的會籍。If you do not update your Foodie Member Account promptly after such changes, your account may be at risk of being accessed by third parties and your Foodie Member Points could be redeemed by someone else using your mobile number. Without prejudice to the foregoing, if we reasonably believe that your mobile phone number has been transferred to a third party or you have deactivated your mobile phone number, then we have the right to cancel your Foodie Member Account linked to this mobile phone number (without notice), and to create another Foodie Member Account for the new owner of this mobile phone number. Upon the cancellation of your Foodie Member Account in accordance with the foregoing, all Points accumulated shall be forfeited. You will need to re-apply for a new membership using a new mobile phone number if you wish to rejoin Foodie. 

11.  免責聲明及責任排除 Disclaimers and Exclusion of Liabilities
11.1    在法律允許的最大範圍內,The Food Story、其僱員、聯屬公司、代理人、供應商及合作夥伴組織特此排除本條款和條件所載、或法令或其他規定明示或默示的所有責任。在不影響上述規定的情況下,The Food Story在任何情況下對任何會員的最大責任不得超過港幣100元。All liability, if any, on the part of The Food Story, its employee, affiliates, agents, suppliers and partner organizations as set out in these Terms and Conditions, expressed or implied by statute or otherwise, are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the maximum liability of The Food Story to any Member shall not exceed HKD100 in aggregate in any event.

11.2    會員特此被視為已閱讀、理解並同意不依賴The Food Story作出的任何陳述、聲明、保證或擔保,並放棄對The Food Story的所有相關權利(如有)。A Member hereby is deemed to have read, understood and agreed that he does not rely on any statement, representation, assurance or warranty made by The Food Story and shall waive all of his rights, if any, against The Food Story in relation thereof.


11.3.  網站或應用程式上提供的任何類型的資料、內容及材料僅供您作一般參考。您參與 Foodie 會員及使用我們的網站、應用程式、您的 Foodie 會員帳戶、您的優惠、積分、獎賞、您的 Foodie 會員二維碼及 Foodie 會員卡的風險須自行承擔。All information, content and materials of any kind provided on the Website or App are for your general reference only. Your participation in Foodie Member and your use of our Website, App, your Foodie Member Account, your Offers, Points, Rewards, your Foodie QR Code and Foodie Membership Card, are at your own risk.

11.4.  在法律允許的最大範圍內,Foodie會員、我們的網站、應用程式、您的 Foodie 會員帳戶、您的 Foodie 會員二維碼、您的 Foodie 會員卡、您的個性化優惠、積分及/或獎賞,以及所有提供或執行的相關資料、內容、材料及/或服務均按「原樣」提供,所有明示或暗示的條件或保證均不包括在內。 To the fullest extent permitted by law, Foodie Member, our Website, App, your Foodie Member Account, your Foodie QR Code, your Foodie Membership Card, Your Personalised Offers, Points and/or Rewards, and all information, content, materials and/or services provided or performed in relation to them are provided “as is”, and all express or implied conditions or warranties are excluded.


11.5.  我們不會就以下各項作出任何陳述、承諾或保證: We make no representations, undertakings or warranties:
(a) 任何與 Foodie會員、我們的網站、應用程式、您的 Foodie 會員帳戶、您的 Foodie 會員二維碼、您的 Foodie 會員卡、您的個性化優惠、積分及/或獎賞、或與前述有關而提供或執行的任何資料、內容、材料及/或服務的標題、準確性、完整性、貨幣、質量、適銷性或適用性;或 as to title, accuracy, completeness, currency, quality, merchantability or fitness for purpose in relation to Foodie Member , our Website, App, your Foodie Member Account, your Foodie QR Code, Foodie Membership Card, Your Personalised Offers, Points and/or Rewards, or any information, content, materials and/or services provided or performed in relation to them; or

(b) Foodie 會員計劃、我們的網站、應用程式、您的 Foodie 會員帳戶、您的 Foodie 會員ID或您的 Foodie 會員卡、將不受干擾、是無錯誤的、安全的、及時的或可用的,或者任何錯誤或故障將被糾正。that the Foodie Member, our Website, App, your Foodie Member Account, your Foodie QR Code or Foodie Membership Card will be uninterrupted, error-free, secure, timely or available, or that any error or malfunction will be rectified. 

12.   個人資料收集聲明 Personal Information Collection Statement

12.1.  The Food Story將根據香港法例《個人資料(私隱)條例》處理所有個人資料。The Food Story will deal with all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Laws of Hong Kong.

12.2.  The Food Story向會員所收集的個人資料將用於:日常營運;會員帳戶及記錄的管理;研發;廣告、營銷、公關及直接營銷(包括聯合營銷);傳播新聞及資訊;識別;處理採購訂單;提供商品、服務、福利、特惠及促銷或其他適合需要的服務;籌款;資料及數據庫管理;以及與上述目的有關或附帶的其他目的。 The personal data collected from a Member by The Food Story will be used for daily operation; administration of membership accounts and records; research and development; advertising, marketing, public relations and direct marketing (including joint marketing); communicating news and information; identification; processing of purchase orders; provision of goods, services, benefits, offers and promotions or others tailored to needs; fundraising; information and database administration; and other purposes in connection with or incidental to the aforesaid.

12.3.  為了上文第8.2條所述目的,The Food Story可與任何第三方分享個人資料或向任何第三方傳送個人資料(在香港或中國內地),以及The Food Story的聯營企業、合作夥伴、代理人、承包商、供應商及提供者。The Food Story may share the personal data with or transfer the same to any third parties (within Hong Kong or Mainland China), including but not limited to The Food Story’s respective holding companies, associated companies, fellow subsidiaries and any company in which any of the above has any interest and the business associates, partners, agents, contractors, suppliers and providers of The Food Story for the purposes specified in Clause 9.2 hereinabove.

13.   一般條件 General Conditions 

13.1. The Food Story有權不時就會籍及/或The Food Story會員計劃之會籍、會員等級、積分及福利施加附加條款及細則。如果本條款及細則與附加條款及細則不一致,應以附加條款及細則為准。 The Food Story is entitled to impose additional terms and conditions in respect of the Membership, the Membership Card, Membership tier, Points and the Benefits from time to time. Should there be any inconsistencies between these Terms and Conditions and those additional terms and conditions, those additional terms and conditions shall prevail.

13.2. The Food Story有權依其唯一酌情權隨時按照The Food Story自行認為適當的條款及細則轉移、轉讓、押記、分包或以其他方式處置本條款及細則與本計劃下的權利或義務,而無需事先通知會員。 The Food Story is entitled to transfer, assign, charge, sub-contract or otherwise dispose of any of the rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions and the programme on such terms and conditions as The Food Story may at its sole discretion think fit at any time without any prior notice to the Member.

13.3. The Food Story有權隨時修改本計劃的結構、內容及其他功能,包括但不限於加入客戶獎勵及定向特惠計劃,或與其他計劃訂立客戶獎勵及定向特惠安排。 The Food Story is entitled to, at any time, modify the structure, contents and other features of the programme, including but not limited to joining programmes of or having arrangements with other programmes for customer rewards and targeted offers.

13.4. The Food Story有權在其認為適當的任何時間出於商業考慮暫停及終止本計劃,而無需提供任何理由或賠償。此外,The Food Story保留權利隨時修改、暫停及終止本計劃,而無需事先通知、提供理由或作出賠償。The Food Story在任何情況下均不會對任何一方因此造成的任何損失或損害負責。 The Food Story is entitled to amend, suspend, and terminate the programme at any time for commercial consideration as it deems fit. In addition, The Food Story reserves the rights to amend, suspend and terminate the programme at any time without any prior notice, reasons, or compensation. The Food Story shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting therefrom by any party in any event.

13.5. The Food Story保留唯一及絕對權利及酌情權,隨時修訂、刪除、修改及/或變更本條款及細則。The Food Story reserves the absolute right and discretion to amend, delete, modify and/or vary any of these Terms and Conditions, at any time without prior notice.

13.6. The Food Story未能執行本文所述特定條款並不構成豁免該條款。 Any failure to enforce a particular term herein by The Food Story does not constitute a waiver of that term.

13.7. The Food Story有權解釋本條款及細則。如有爭議,The Food Story的決定為最終決定,對各相關方均有約束力。 Any failure to enforce a particular term herein by The Food Story does not constitute a waiver of that term.

13.8. 本條款及細則的中文版本僅供參考。如英語版本與中文版本之間有任何差異,應以英語版本為准。 The Chinese version of these Terms and Conditions is provided for reference only. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

13.9. 本條款及細則將受香港法例管轄。 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong.

Last updated: 9 April 2024

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