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Beneath every culinary masterpiece delicately crafted in 
The Food Story’s concepts, our chefs believe that food stands for more than just taste and flavour but also represent a message, a meaning, a story. 

Coming from a wide range of hospitality and foodservice backgrounds,

our chefs implement their masterful techniques into sculpting different splendid and captivating cuisines into perfection, creating those astonishingly savoury dishes in each restaurant. From classic Chinese dining concept Kei Cuisine and widely acclaimed Michelin Sukiyaki outpost Hiyama to the sensual satisfaction frontier Gosango and pastry paradise Camellia, it has been our chefs’ pride to re-imagine the depiction of culinary arts to all of our dearest customers. 

While polishing each and every detail of the delicacies with idyllic exquisiteness, our chefs recognise the essence of the finest cuisines lies within love and passion, infusing their devotion and unyielding sentiment

into their dishes, and present our customers with the ultimate sensational satisfaction. 

To our chefs, food tells a story, of attitude, of love, but most importantly,

a story waiting for you to explore. 

_0001_Ricky_4 copy.jpg


Ricky's Kitchen

With over three decades of experience in Hospitality Industry, Chef Ricky Cheung has always been genuinely enthusiastic about dining. Ricky sees each of his delicacies as an expression of art where he can enchant his mesmerizingly flavoursome delicacies with appetizing aroma and at the same time sculpting them into a visually astounding masterpiece, leaving his customers with the most unforgettable culinary sensational experience. Infusing with innovative elements into varies of delicate Hong Kongese cuisines, Ricky is ambitious on elevating the dining relishment on Hong Kong delicacies.

_0010_Ryan_6 copy.jpg



Having been devoted into Japanese dining for over twenty years, Hiyama’s head chef Ryan Brett has been training and working in both Tokyo and Hong Kong, dedicated in depicting the traditional taste and presenting his guests with the perseverance and quintessence of perfecting every single delicacy. His passion for thriving towards excellence and his unyielding attitude towards impeccability is what makes him an exceptional chef. Having been invited to Hiyama restaurant in Tokyo by Mister Muneo Murakami, the president of Hiyama, Ryan delivers the authentic taste of traditional sukiyaki delicacies to our dearest customers here only in Hiyama.

_0002_RK Chef_5 copy.jpg


Ricky's Kitchen

Being enthusiatic about cooking, Chef Ho Wing Ho started his culinary journey at his early 20s. He has then been immersed himself with years of Western as well as Cantonese culinary experience and is deeply inspired by Chef Ricky's attitude towards culinary learning. To Ho, delicaies can be infused with innovative elements while keeping the authentic essense, re-creating traditional culinary moments in a refreshing way.

_0013_蕃さん_4 copy.jpg


Wagyu Vanne

Wagyu Vanne’s consultant Chef Vanne Kuwahara, is highly renowned as the founder of his Tokyo’s widely acclaimed “Yoroniku” restaurant Ebisu which has been one of the Japanese celebrities’ favourites. This DJ-turned chef channels his passions towards music into creating a glamorous yakiniku culinary experience polished with luxurious and exquisite cuisines polished by the finest ingredients as well as his captivating cookery skills, seeking to take all the wagyu lovers on an unforgettably flavourful dining journey.



Kei Cuisine

Having been immersed into the world of culinary since his childhood, executive chef Tse has always been magnetised by the splendidness of the art of delicacy. In the eyes of the Chef Tse’s, the beauty of culinary combines the ever-changing creativity with the everlasting authenticity of traditions. When infusing innovative culinary elements with the originality of signature dishes passing throughout hundreds of decades, each and every dish can be transcended with the captivating delicateness of skills and techniques, bringing waves of extraordinary culinary satisfaction to all the picky diners in Kei Cuisine.

_0011_TimWong_6 copy.jpg


37 Steakhouse & Bar

Dedicated into mastering the art of fine-dining in the last 18 years, Chef Tim Wong is deeply astonished by the beauty of refined delicacies. Having the experience of working in two-starred Michelin restaurants and expertising his culinary skills, Tim has ever since been perfecting each and every dishes to his customers at its finest. In 37 Steakhouse & Bar, it is his belief to design dishes that are visually spectacular as well as sensationally flavourful that leave his customers a unforgettablly delectable experience.

_0000_Manful_6 copy.jpg


Artisian De La Truffe

Chef Manful Lee has over 35 years of multinational culinary experience, yet Manful has always been captivated by the hypnotising charmisa flourished out from truffle. To Manful, slices of the finest truffles effortlessly elevates any refined dining moments, delighting his customers with the alluring aroma and rich flavour blooming out. In Artisan De La Truffe, Manful seeks to gospelize this fascinating culinary amusement to the public with innovative delicacies, letting customers to immerse themselves into the enchanting taste of truffle.

_0009_MasterMan_3 copy.jpg


Shiawase Yakitori

Impressed by the unbending demeanour of the Japanese towards culinary perfection, Chef Ching Lui was deeply impressed and has since been professionalising in Japanese dining for more than 20 years especially in robatayaki. Ching sees this style of Japanese culinary style uniquely fascinating as he and customers have an opportunity of spending a moment together, having a few warmy conversations while enjoying dishes of his finely prepared skewers, creating a harmonious and cozy atmosphere around the tables.

_0012_Kimmy_9 copy.jpg



For more the 10 years, Kimmy Cheng has been devoted into specialising her knowledge and techiques on crafting different mesmerizing drinks. It has always been Kimmy's motivation to amuse customers with her beautifully decorated and finely prepared drinks. Alongside with her different stunningly refreshing cocktails, Kimmy has also designed a variety of alluring mocktails as every customer should be able to spend a leisure moment with a sweet and charmingly flavoursome drink, whether are alcohol-lovers or not.

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