It's Partea Time!
It's Partea Time!

It's Partea Time!
It's Partea Time!


It's Par-tea Month!


The Food Story takes pride on presenting "Par-tea Month" campaign, treating all the dearest mothers for their relentless hard work, unyielding support and most of all, their unconditional love to their loved ones. With the luxurious brands of Hiyama and Artisan De La Truffe to the youthful and energetic brands of Sensu and Camellia, enjoy waves of alluring and eye-spoiling afternoon sets for you and your mother not only to relish but share a cheerful and rejoicing moment!

Set off this tantalising journey with our campaign stamp card, letting you to check in and place a footstep here upon your every purchase of selected afternoon tea set or spending over $300, letting diners enjoy instant discounts by collecting stamps with each visits. Register as our members to further enjoy an exclusive offers, earning a free tasting relishing moment of our limited time only Hiyama Omakaze afternoon set as well as our Sensu Wiard of Oz dining satisfaction!

Take this moment not just to give thanks to your precious one who has always been there for you, and cherish every single moment shared together, for love is most flavoured not kept but only when shared.

The Food Story X Sanrio


Hello Kitty fans! Good news! Sweeten up this month with love and flavours💗! Apart from our aromic dishes and alluring desserts, have a taste of our limited new dishes with Hello Kitty appearance, Cheering you up with breeze of freshness! Complete your Kitty lovely trip with waves of relishing pieces from Camellia, Sensu Citywalk, Mina House and even more!

The Food Story X NISSIN

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Collaborated with the widely acclaimed Japanese Noodles phenomenon NISSIN, Ricky's Kitchen celebrity chef Ricky Cheung has paired up with Ching Jai, crafting waves of innovative culinary experience with a fine touch of Japanese authenticity, satisfying all the diners with a brand new tantalizing taste of Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines with an aromatic breeze flowing from the alluring island at the East!