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換領細則 Terms of Redemption

  1. ​優惠期至2023年4月14日。The offer is valid till 14 April 2023.

  2. 顧客必已經為/即時申請為The Food Story會員方可換領獎賞。The customer has to be or instantly register to be The Food Story member to be eligible for redeeming the coupon(s).

  3. 同日單一帳單消費每滿HK$500 (10%服務費後) 可換領HK$100餐飲優惠券一張。
    Every HK$500 (after 10% service charge) same-day spending on a single receipt to redeem one unit of HK$100 dining coupon.

  4. 每人每日於相同餐廳最多可換領HK$1,000餐飲優惠券,以每枱人數為結賬單位,不能分單。
    Each member can only redeem a maximum of HK$1,000 dining coupon in same restaurant on the same day, each party has to settle the bill together, split bill is not allowed.

  5. 每位會員須於消費當日於結帳時換領獎賞,過後恕不受理。Each member must redeem the reward coupons upon settlement of payment on the spending date. No retrospective arrangement can be made.


優惠券使用細則 Coupon Terms of Usage


  1. 此優惠券有效期至2023年4月30日。有效期過後,此優惠券將無法使用。
    The coupon can be used on or before 30 April 2023. Upon expiry, the coupon will no longer be usable.

  2. 凡惠顧滿港幣$300或以上(10%服務費前)可使用此餐飲優惠券一張。
    One coupon can be used upon HK$300 spending (before 10% service charge) at any restaurant of The Food Story.

  3. 此優惠券不適用於指定日子(。
    The coupon is not applicable on dates(

  4. 請於付款結帳前提供會員資料並出示此優惠券,過後恕不受理。
    Please provide member information and present this coupon before settlement of payment. No retrospective arrangement can be made.

  5. 此優惠券必須以蓋上餐廳印章方為有效
    The coupon must bear an official stamp of the restaurant in order to be valid.

  6. 任何影印本、網上截圖、塗污、刪改或損壞之優惠券均屬無效,恕不接受。
    This coupon is invalid if found defaced or damaged. Photocopies and digital copy of this coupon are not accepted.

  7. 此優惠券於相同餐廳內每人每日只限於一張發票上使用。
    The coupon(s) can only be used for single purchase by each customer in the same restaurant on the same day.

  8. 於同一發票上每次只可使用5張優惠券(包括所有會員換領券/會員優惠券,支付平台優惠券及商場優惠券等)。A maximum of 5 coupons (including The Food Story members redemption coupon, members discount coupon, discount coupons from payment platform or malls) can be used on one transaction and split bill is not allowed.

  9. 此優惠券(The Food Story 晚市狂歡全城慶典)於同一發票上每次只可使用五張,且不能分單使用。A maximum of five coupons (The Food Story Dine Night Out Celebration) can be used on one transaction and split bill is not allowed.

  10. 優惠不可與任何會籍組別的折扣同時使用。The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any discount associated with any membership tier.

  11. 此優惠券只可使用一次並將於兌換後被收回。
    This coupon can only be used once and the coupon will be surrendered at redemption and will not give back under any condition.

  12. 此優惠券不可與其他優惠同時使用,並以原價計算,亦不可兌換現金、不可更換或作現金找贖。
    The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers, discounts are applied based on original prices. It is non-exchangeable, non-refundable and cannot redeem for cash.

  13. 此優惠券須收取加一服務費,並按原價計算。
    All prices are subject to 10% service charge and based on original prices.

  14. 持券人有責任承擔優惠券之遺失、失竊、毀壞或遭濫用。
    The coupon holder shall be solely responsible for all liabilities for the loss, theft, damage, and misuse of any issued coupon.

  15. 如有任何爭議,餐廳保留此優惠之最終決定權。
    Restaurant reserves the right of final decisions in case of any dispute.

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