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Shop OTE302 Level 3 Ocean Terminal, TST, KL

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Having been retaining its well-acclaimed 1-star reputation for 10 years, it has always been our mission to serve up the finest and authentic delicacies to our dearest customers. From the traditional sukiyaki experience, finely designed interior to the delicately crafted pastry relishment, we bring you the ulitmate wagyu satisfaction you have always been searching for.

Sukiyaki has always been one of the traditional refined delicacy in Japan. With all the savory ingredients dipping into the sweet and savory sauce of sukiyaki, the ultimate sensational experience comes right into your mouth. In Hiyama, serving with Hiyama finest kuroge wagyu, we bring you the luxuriously authentic relishment in all senses.

Showcasing the extraordinary Hiyama wagyu from one of the most prominent brands in Japan, "Hiyama" provides our customers with the finest wagyu beef and the traditional sukiyaki style cuisines for an exceptionally flavourful dining experience. 

Inspired by traditional Japanese Mansion with the essence of nature immersed within, the dining environment of Hiyama takes our guests temporarily far away from the crowdedness and the clamour of the city into a soothingly restful garden, gently enjoying every beautifully prepared delicacy. With the traditional Japanese device - Shishi-odoshi and a bamboo pathway at the front gate of Hiyama developing a surrounding of a Japanese garden, guests are slowly entering the restaurant surrounded with an easing and calming aroma. Bring the natural lighting into the little walkway linking to the main hall, building up a relaxing environment as if guests are strolling through the backyard of a mansion, slowly on their way to enjoying an exquisite supper. From each different delicate private room to the chilling pavilion by the window, every detail in this restaurant is finely presented that shapes it into an architectural masterpiece. With the wave-formed ripples design over a faux concrete wall around a finely polished round-shaped mirror, the peacefulness it delivers simply winding down the nerves of our customers, allowing them to be savour different masterful cuisines around a reposeful and serene atmosphere. 




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