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Artisan De La Truffe is the first artisanal French Truffle gastronomy in Hong Kong. We sourced the BEST fresh truffles all year round within Europe and target to bring in authentic Parisian “Affordable Luxury” dining experience to Hong Kong.  Come by Artisan De La Truffe Hong Kong.松藝館 to enjoy a cup of Truffle Coffee and relax our mind after a long week with the charming seaview of the Victoria Harbour.

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Manful Lee
Executive Chef

Chef Manful Lee has over 35 years of multinational culinary experience, yet Manful has always been captivated by the hypnotising charisma flourished out from truffle. To Manful, slices of the finest truffles effortlessly elevate any refined dining moments, delighting his customers with the alluring aroma and rich flavour blooming out. In Artisan De La Truffe, Manful seeks to gospelize this fascinating culinary amusement to the public with innovative delicacies, letting customers immerse themselves into the enchanting taste of truffle.

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 12:00-17:00, 18:00-22:00
Sat-Sun & PH: 11:30-17:00, 18:00-22:00


Shop OTE303 Level 3 Ocean Terminal, TST, KL

Nearest Park Recommendation

Ocean Terminal Car Park

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